The next SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST book, SLUG OF DOOM is officially out today!

And to celebrate, I'm writing a blog post.

Here's five fresh things to look out for in the book. Be warned though, there are spoilers below for both SHMF books (though no major plot spoilers from SLUG OF DOOM!)

Now that that unpleasantness is behind us, lets get to it! 

1. Ice Cream Tree

Ice Cream Tree serves up soft-scoop goodness in five delicious flavours - a noticeable upgrade on a standard Happy Forest tree. The ice cream is free but the toppings will cost you. 

2. The Council of Happiness

After Old Oak departed the forest*, the residents elected a council to take charge of important affairs. The successful candidates: angry pixie, concerned sunflower, butterfly horse and admin rabbit. 

* was brutally uprooted with shovels and transported against his will to a nightmarish dystopia

3. Gem Golem

Deep beneath the SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST greedy troglodytes are mining the earth for precious gems. But what happens when...THE GEMS HAVE HAD ENOUGH? 

They glare at you disapprovingly, that's what. 

4. Horrace

Cover-star Horrace is an ogre chef who has big things in mind for a certain Happy Forest hero. I originally tried to fit an ogre chef scene into the first book, but it fits much better here. 

5. Zorgoth

Obviously you should look out for this guy otherwise nothing will make sense. Evil enthusiast Zorgoth, SLUG OF DOOM is always one step... umm....slither away from the Heroes as they race to get to the Potion of Power first.

And never a well-groomed hair out of place.